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Map of Sanem for In terms of its voting patterns during the Cold War, the third world was closer to the socialist camp than the capitalist camp. Role in world politics during the post-Cold War period. Now that the Cold War has ended, is the non-aligned movement still relevant and still needed? The answer given by former UN Secretary General Boutros Bourtros- Ghali is an emphatic yes. Speaking at the 35th anniversary of the non-aligned movement, the former secretary general pointed out that despite the fold up of colonialism and Cold War, the underlying philosophy of nonalignment remains relevant and of immense enduring value for all nations. Its continued relevance is premised on the following principles: rejection of power and military might as the basis of international order; assertion of independence and sovereign equality as the organizing principles of international relations; recognition of the universal need for development, and the link between disarmament and development; commitment to multilateral decision-making on global issues through non-alignment 607 the Unites Nations; and belief in solidarity that transcends” yet draws strength”from diversity. Its original message for self-determination, freedom, independence, and sovereignty has been complemented with calls for North-South and South-South cooperation, on the one hand, and for democracy among the nations on the other. Today the scope of the non-aligned movement has been expanded to include political as well as economic cooperation with focus on development, industrialization, population control, debt relief, education, health care, and poverty alleviation. Map of Sanem 2016.

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