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Map of Sandcreek on After America won independence from England, the new nation embraced Smith and free trade as a counter to the mother country’s harsh mercantilist trade restrictions. The idea of free trade became part of the revolutionary cause in the new nation. While the newly formed United States enacted some tariffs to protect burgeoning industries from foreign competition, free trade reigned. In 1817, British politician and economist David RICARDO (17721823) published The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, which outlined the Law of Comparative Advantage. Ricardo used the law to demonstrate that global trade is mutually beneficial, even when one nation is more productive than another. Comparative advantage assumes that even the poorest nation will have an advantage in some area. When the two nations trade, it becomes a win-win situation because trading is economically efficient. Map of Sandcreek 2016.

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The Beauty of a Budget

Taking the time to define your discretionary income allows you to determine your wants. Those who complain that their income isn’t sufficient to provide for the lifestyle they want, or who grouse about an inability to save because they’re already struggling to makes ends meet, are really saying that they have no control over their discretionary spending, no financial self-restraint, and no compunctions about not budgeting. A budget is not telling you what you can and cannot buy. It’s your discretionary income telling you that. You can buy whatever you determine is most important, so long as it fits within the confines of the discretionary income you have available in your budget every month. Your budget is nothing more than your road map”avoid it at your own peril.

If you determine your discretionary income isn’t enough to let you live as you want, you have a few choices: You can find a higher-paying job; push for a raise at work; create added income through freelance opportunities or a part-time, at-home business; or”and this is more easily accomplished”restructure your fixed

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