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Map of San Diego Tourist on Since the spirit of Shariat in Islam is governed by a strong sense of social justice, fraternity, equality and cooperation, it is possible to argue the logic of inadmissibility in Islamic social schema of an exploitative distributive mechanism such as interest. The abolition of rent and interestthe twin categories of unearned incomemay threaten the rentier classes that thrive on them. The debate, it seems, has to be elevated to articulate a system of social relations that encompasses the entire gamut of production, distribution, and consumption, as well as the reproduction of the system itself. The main features that will have to be addressed are the distribution of property rights, the organization of decision-making arrangements, the setting up of the agenda of social objectives, defining the roles of the state and the market, the individual and the collective, identification of moral and material incentives, prescribing the limits of the permissible and impermissible in the human project. The Islamic concept of onenessa mode of looking upon all beings as unitydictates a value prescription of fairness, justice, and equity for all. All eco- Islamic banking 431 nomics, including bankingIslamic or otherwisewill have to be tested against this dictum before we can fully overcome the age-old problem of economic injustice perpetually fed by categories of unearned income like the interest rate. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Map of San Diego Tourist 2016.

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