Map of Sainte-Famille

Map of Sainte-Famille for Buses run by CGA (T030 965 6502, to Brescia bus station and to Verona Porta Nuova train station. A taxi (T030 996 0504) into Brescia costs 40 or more. There is a table in the guide with journey times to major points from this and other airports (see p.20). By train The town is served by mainline trains from Milano Centrale, Verona and DesenzanoSirmione, as well 265 8 BRESCIA BRESCIA AND CREMONA arresting work shows a proud young musician, complete with a feather in his cap, stopping midway in a tricky passage to glance at the painter, his long fingers still in position on his recorder. Savoldo shows off his skill in handling light by pinning a half-folded sheet of music to the wall behind the flautist, and then expertly depicting the play of shadows. You’ll also see a double-sided work by Vincenzo Foppa, who painted under the patronage of the Visconti in Milan, Pavia and elsewhere. Foppa met Bramante and Leonardo in Milan, and is credited with introducing Renaissance ideas to Brescia after arriving here as an old man. Map of Sainte-Famille 2016.

3417 Rue Sainte Famille, Montral QC – Walk Score

Map of Sainte-Famille Photo Gallery

Map of Sainte Famille

3626 Rue Sainte Famille, Montral QC – Walk Score

Map of Sainte Famille

Sainte-Famille » Žle d’Orlans»

Map of Sainte Famille

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