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South Carolina County Map ‚ South Carolina Map

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South Carolina Maps

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Map Of S C for In this new economic landscape, the correct plan of behavior was not at all clear. Previously, the large-scale industrial and financial corporations had encouraged the government to play a limited role in the economy. President Herbert HOOVER maintained this policy in the mistaken belief that the economy would fix itself, but economic recession turned into a deep economic depression. Millions were unemployed. Without a social safety net, high levels of unemployment quickly turned into homelessness and starvation for many 878 United States Americans. The nation was in crisis and Hoover’s unwavering faith in the markets did nothing to alleviate the growing despair. Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT (FDR), promising a more activist approach to solving the economic woes of America and with strong support from labor unions, was elected in a landslide in 1932. Map Of S C 2016.

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