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Map of Roxas/Puerto Princesa on What is important is the opportunity, even if it results in the richest three individuals in the world owning more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of the world’s population. Aside from a few countries in east Asia, that had substantial economic growth until the late 1990s, the Latin American economy has stagnated for two decades, and economic growth of African nations has declined. About a 100th of the population of Africa has access to the internet. Besides increased world per-capita income and growing inequality, there are some interesting economic effects. Critics of globalization point to a general belttightening over hungry stomachs, increasing joblessness, internal migration and suffering, structural adjustment plans that have predictable, and perhaps intended but unspoken results. Since there are few finished products that can compete with those from developed industrial producers, most of the legal exports to earn foreign exchange to service growing debt are primary commodities, such as ore, bananas, and coffee. Other indebted states in the same climatic and geographic regions have to play by the same rules, thus increasing the supply of similar primary products. Map of Roxas/Puerto Princesa 2016.

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