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Map of Ronago on This, of course, ignores the effects of inflation as well as the possibility that this individual might not be able to retrieve the cash in her savings account should her bank become insolvent. The existence of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) makes the latter highly improbable. Having money function as a store of wealth rather than individuals relying on tomatoes or sheep to accumulate wealth is essential in a capitalist economy because it makes possible and fosters saving. The ability to save is extremely important because it allows people to time their purchases better, thereby getting more satisfaction from their budgets, and it makes capital accumulation possible for those who want to spend more than their current incomes. Closely related, the last two functions of money are intricately tied to money’s ability to facilitate exchange. As a unit of account, money is used to assign values (i.e. Map of Ronago 2016.

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