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Cortona Road Map See map details From

Resolution: 1797 x 2278 2301 kB
Size: 1797 x 2278 2301 kB

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Nigeria Map ‚ Road Map of The Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Large detailed road map of Australia with all cities.

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Physical maps ‚ Road Maps ‚ County Maps ‚ Topographic Maps

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Colorado Map Navigation

Map Of Roads for ARTHUR HOLST, PH.D. WIDENER UNIVERSITY tariff A TARIFF IS A TAX that a country imposes on traded goods, usually on imports but sometimes on exports. In past centuries, a tariff was most often set at a nominal fee per unit of weight or volume, such as 10 cents per pound of coffee, and this was called a specific tariff. Today, the typical tariff is an ad valorem tariff, calculated as a percentage of the declared value of the good. This protects government revenues if prices rise, since tariff revenues also rise. Revenue from import tariffs was long a crucial source of government income, favored because it was easy to collect as goods entered at a port or border. Map Of Roads 2016.

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