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rble Pitt gesturing for ever onwards above it. Just by the door is the tomb of the Unknown Warrior, that inspired expression of mourning for a whole generation laid waste, for a whole world lost the fern fringed slab in the Abbey floor containing earth of France and clay of a nameless English soldier killed in France in the First World War. The only dust in the Abbey floor on which you do not walk. From here I can only drift, stopping here and there, but leaving out most, far the Abbey is not far a few hours but far days and week before you begin to know it. Continuing back down the south aisle of the nave, two monuments connected with American wars to Major Andr‚£, hanged in 1780 as a spy, and to Roger Townshend, who was killed in America in 1759 and is shown dying in strict classical dress, upheld by two Red Indians. Then another spectacular Roubiliac monument, to General Hargrave 1757). the warrior starting from his grave, and an illusionistic rendering of a collapsing obelisk above. Mrs Bovey (d. 1727)

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