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Ma of rhodes greece for One is literalism in that many eole base their nderstanding on the words ttered and say that Dongshan was in the store hose at the time weighing ot fl ax when the monk qestioned him, and that is why he answered in this way Another is contrariness becase some say that when Dongshan is asked abot the east, he answers abot the west A third misnderstanding refl ects indirection: Some say that since yo already are Bddha, and yet yo still go to ask abot Bddha, Dongshan answers this in a meandering way Th e forth is based on realism in that there are those who have a way of saying that the three onds of fl ax is itself Bddha According to Yanw, these interretations are all irrelevant If yo seek this way from Dongshan’s words, yo can search ntil Maitreya Bddha is born down here and still never see the trth even in ersonal Transformation 123 a dream He then cites a verse from his own teacher, Wz, who was also highly resected for his koan interretations: Th e chea- selling board- carrying fellow, Weighs ot three onds of fl ax Ma of rhodes greece 2016

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