Map of regions of italy with cities

Map of regions of italy with cities for For example, the ORGANIZATION OF PETROLEUM EXPORTING COUNTRIES (OPEC) establishes quotas for each of the member nations in order to limit the amount of oil available in international markets. OPEC quotas restrict oil output in order to generate or maintain higher oil prices. Quotas are also used in centrally planned economies, where a particular factory or industry must fulfill a minimum level of output, but this minimum is not dictated by price incentives; it is instead decided administratively. To some extent, large corporations also function in this manner regarding production by some of their divisions, but in this case, price information is likely to have significant weight on the administrative decision. Quotas are pervasive in international trade and the most common forms are non-tariff trade barriers, although this may be changing. Export quotas are used by nations seeking to keep low the domestic price of a good it exports. A country may wish to quantitatively restrict the export of a good in order to reserve a greater amount of it for domestic consumption. Map of regions of italy with cities 2016.

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