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All the adoptees between the ages of nineteen and thirty-two expressed gratitude for their adoptive families and for the opportunities they had as a result of adoption: good education, becoming racially open with others, and increased abilities to relate to many different kinds of people. Yet many faced challenges as they were frequently the only person of their ethnic group, and they felt alone and distant from others because they did not look like them. One man described himself as constantly feeling on the outside like the movie character ET, watching human children play from the closet, curious and fascinated by them. Another said she wondered what her parents could possibly teach her because their life experiences were so different from hers. As we saw in Travel, European American parents often raise their children without ethnic socialization, and these parents raised their adopted children in a African American adoptees reared by parents of another ethnic group often wished for more opportunities to be with other African American and biracial children.

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