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If I try, it doesn’t take much to make me panic and think, My God, I’m going to become the mother of an anorexic daughter,’ says Jo Thomas who binged/dieted throughout her teens and twenties, her weight fluctuating wildly between 8 and 11 ‘2 stone, until she woke up one day at 29, looked at her 40-something female boss, locked in the grip of the same obsession, and resolved to get better before she threw away any more of her life. She attended a weekly woman’s self-help group and finally broke free. And what a liberation it was. “After a life ruled by food, an appetite that had gone so haywire I could not tell whether I was hungry or not, and no enjoyment from eating, ever, I was free. So it was with a sickening lurch last summer that she chanced upon the meticulous daily food lists her 14-year-old daughter Rose was making. She was monitoring everything she ate, just like I used to do, and taking herself off to do hour-long exercise videos. As a result, she’s got noticeably skinny. Whenever I ask him, my husband just says, Stop fussing – she looks fabulous.’ So I’m looking at her the whole time, desperate not to make an issue of it, asking myself, Is she too thin, or not? Should I be worrying, or not?’ It’s got to the point where I’m unable to see her objectively.

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