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Living with two travel with cats is about three times as much fun as living with a solitary cat. True, there are moments, when Ma, Pickle, and Charlie all pile in my lap at once, making a thirty-five- or forty-pound heap, that I feel three is a large number of travel with cats. The rest of the time they’re exactly right. When they romp like kittens it’s hard to realize that Charlie and Pickle are almost elderly travel with cats, while the Missus is probably old enough to vote.

I wouldn’t keep brother and sister together without having one of them castrated or sterilized. The same thing applies to mother and son, unless the mamma cat is so downright marvelous that you want more kittens just like her which you may or may not get, even with three or four generations of line breeding. The whole subject of genetics is so complicated and tricky that you’d better let the cat around the corner sire your kittens, provided he’s smart and handsome.

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