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Map of Querfurt for Signs lead round to a catwalk that passes through the (covered) excavation area of two Roman houses discovered beneath the monastery gardens. The colourful mosaic floors of each villa (known as a domus), and the remnants of frescoed walls, are amazingly well preserved; walking this close to them, tracing a path through the rooms they adorned, is a real treat. There are more galleries with capitals and Roman glassware and an exit to the cloister, which is lined with Roman funerary inscriptions. 263 8 BRESCIA BRESCIA AND CREMONA Medieval galleries A doorway leads to the early medieval galleries, displaying exquisitely embossed Lombard and Carolingian grave goods such as swords, pottery and gold crosses.

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Map Of Querfurt

Further on, the rooms devoted to the city-states (comune and signorie) begin, on the right, with two fine bronze wolvesheads, of about the twelfth century, taken from the Broletto a rare example of secular Romanesque work. San Salvatore An exit here leads into the first of the museum's three churches, San Salvatore. Follow signs straight through on the right to climb to the upper-level Coro delle Monache, or NunsChoir. This soaring, barrel-vaulted space above the main floor of the San Salvatore church is covered in colourful frescoes, most of them executed in the 1420s by Floriano Ferramola. Overhead is God the Father, while the most striking image is a Crucifixion against an open landscape on the east wall (which has windows down into the church). Map of Querfurt 2016.

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