Map of Prague

Map of Prague

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Map of Prague for However, even if the coma was present, its large size would have greatly diluted its surface brightness, with the result that it would not have bleached out the meteors. On the day that the Magi made their way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem between November and , BC, the comet was no longer visible during the daytime behold in Matt. implies that it had not been present during the day in advance of the Magi’s meeting with Herod. This absence could be explained by atmospheric conditions. However, it is also explicable with reference to the comet’s surface brightness being inadequate to render it visible during the daytime. Our analysis of the comet’s brightness and size at this point conirms that this was indeed the case. Chapter Following Yonder Star As noted in chapter , we shall accommodate, in the tables, apparent magnitude values based on irst observation of the comet at magnitude +. Map of Prague 2016.

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