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Rural cottage in Pouzolles, holiday rentals Hrault : Available …

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POPULATION POUZOLLES : statistics of Pouzolles 34480

POPULATION POUZOLLES : statistics of Pouzolles 34480

In the first agony of loss, whenever it occurs – and, as we have already seen, it does not always coincide with separation or the formal end of a marriage – we wonder how long will it go on and doubt that we will be able to bear it. Everyone asks at some stage, How long will I go on feeling like this?’ Will it ever get any better?’ but there are no easy answers to such questions. Our circumstances

and resources differ, along with our capacity to transcend suffering and put the past behind us.

Those who try to comfort friends or relatives going through a marital crisis may feel powerless to help; reassurances that grief will pass, that the sufferer will eventually feel better, seem useless. For a time (s)he can only hang on from moment to moment.

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