Map of Port Arthur

Portsmouth Peace Treaty, 1905-2005

Map of Port Arthur Photo Gallery

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77640 Zip Code (Port Arthur, Texas) Profile – homes, apartments …

final try. A friend once told me how she had read through the prayer book marriage service on the morning her partner moved in with her, a date she remembered easily many years later. The transition was more complicated for her partner, a married man, who had recently left his wife and children. For years he remained uncertain where he belonged. For example, when he was asked his address he would sometimes without thinking give one long out of date, the last place where he remembered feeling happy with his wife. Like many other people in similar circumstances, they began living together with differing and confused feelings about who they were and where they were going. Further confusion will follow when the new partners begin to present themselves as a couple to the world outside.

pain for this new relationship. It is very important for them to reassure one another that it is succeeding and it is particularly difficult for them to face up to misunderstandings, conflicts and potential sources of disagreement. Disappointment and disillusion follow when they find that the open communication and mutual understanding which drew them together in the first place appear to be diminishing very rapidly.

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