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Map of Porangatu for The reliefs around the pleasing terracotta and marble washing area on the far side are early works by Amadeo, showing Christ washing the feet of a leper, and were used by the monks to perform ablutions before entering the nearby refectory. Here the monks would eat together on Sundays and holy days and remain in silence while being read Bible passages from the pulpit, accessed via a staircase hidden in the wooden panelling in the middle of the room. The dining room is divided by a blind wall, which allowed the monastery to feed visiting pilgrims and lay agricultural workers without compromising the rules of their closed order. The room was used as the main church of the complex for the first hundred years of existence while the church was completed, and a crude Madonna and Child fresco remains on the far wall. Leading off the side of the small cloister, the breathtaking great cloister was the centre of the monkslives.

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Map Of Porangatu

Lining three sides of the huge green courtyard are the monksindividual houses, each consisting of two rooms, a chapel, a garden and a loggia, with a bedroom above. The hatches to the side of the entrances were for food to be passed through to the monks without any communication. The final call is the Certosa shop, stocked with honey, chocolate, souvenirs and the famous Chartreuse liqueur. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE CERTOSA DI PAVIA By train Arriving by train, turn left out of the station and walk around the Certosa walls until you reach the entrance about a 15min walk. Map of Porangatu 2016.

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