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Map of Pistorf on Williams, The Compleat Strategist (Dover, 1954). JOHN SORRENTINO, PH.D. MAHBUB RABBANI, M.A. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY gangsters PERHAPS AN EXTREME example of criminal capitalism in modern times, gangsters have been present throughout human history. The best-known gangsters are the Mafia, whose groups date back to feudal times in Sicily, ITALY. Map of Pistorf 2016.

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The four main objectives of the program are to help couples: identify constructive and destructive ways to solve problems and effects of both methods on couples feelings and behavior understand the effects of marital conflict on children’s feelings of emotional security and the benefit to children of constructive problem solving identify constructive and destructive marital behaviors and their effects on children understand the effects of marital conflict on parenting and secure parentchild attachment relationships A self-study control group of parents received two written publications that covered all the material provided to the couples in the four-session group. All parents filled out assessment forms at the completion of the program and at six and twelve months later. At the follow-up assessments, parents in the extended groups also got a booster review of the treatment material. The prevention program improved parents ways of handling marital conflict, and improvements were sustained for at least a year. Parents marital satisfaction increased, and their parenting improved, as did children’s level of adjustment.

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