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Map of Pinghai on Industry critics speculated the move less reflected Gates’s desire to concentrate on technology than on his unsuitability for corporate management. Gates has long been driven by a vision of computers entering all aspects of people’s lives. In the early days of Microsoft, the Gates-penned company motto was A computer on every desktop and in every home. Since then, this vision has expanded to include software spreading beyond computers, into every aspect of a person’s life. Gates engineered the development of WebTV in an attempt to bring the internet to people without computers, and is a fervent supporter of developing software to integrate home appliances and computers. Gates’ Lake Washington estate embodies this omnipresence of technology approach, as it is used as a testing grounds for many Microsoft-constructed home automation products. Gates spelled out his visions of technology in two best-selling books: 1995’s The Road Ahead and 1999’s Business @ the Speed of Thought. Map of Pinghai 2016.

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