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Map of Pinebluff on In this system, COMPETITION defined the economic marketplace, not the government. In Smith’s view, however, the government did have a place in the economy, primarily allowing the invisible hand of the market to run more efficiently. And, in some cases, tariffs were necessary, such as in supporting an industry essential for national defense. Smith’s call for free trade was not a ploy to win favor among England’s merchants. He believed in free trade because he believed it would benefit common people the most. Dedicated to the market economy, Smith concluded that even the poor and politically inept could prosper in an open financial system. In contrast, Smith thought that a state-controlled economy only enabled those close to the leadership to thrive and become rich. Map of Pinebluff 2016.

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serve your needs in smarter fashion. Knowledge of where your discretionary dollars go gives you the power to curtail what you define as wasteful spending so that you can reallocate those same dollars to whatever you define as productive spending. In effect, you are giving yourself a pay raise because your money is now stretching to better meet your needs.

Ultimately, an inability to live as you see fit isn’t a matter of a paycheck that is too limiting. It’s a matter of discretionary spending that is too haphazard, or of fixed costs that are beyond your true ability to pay. Gain control over those factors and you can build robust finances capable of withstanding the challenges that sometimes face the individual family, the community, or the broader economy.

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