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Map of Phoenix/Mesa Tourist on It explores the international transmission of economic forces by developing and linking econometric models of over 40 nations and regions. In 1976, Klein served as the chief economic advisor to Jimmy CARTER’s presidential campaign. While he 460 Klein, Lawrence turned down Carter’s invitation to head the COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISORS, he continued to advise the administration and wrote columns for leading newspapers and magazines. Critics contend that Klein’s modeling exercises have spread the wrong message about how the economy worksthat these models are too ad hoc and are divorced from the microeconomic decisions of households and businessesand that they don’t have a very good track record in forecasting economic events. For these reasons, macroeconomic forecasting has lost much of its prestige among economists and the public. However, it is still an important tool, and its practitioners, including the FEDERAL RESERVE, can trace their models directly back to the work of Lawrence Klein. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Map of Phoenix/Mesa Tourist 2016.

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