Map of Pellaro

travel with cats and children make wonderful companions because travel with cats have sense enough to go climb a tree when the play becomes too boisterous. They keep themselves clean, don’t smell even when they’re wet, and are very, very gentle with their children.


I don’t know how to classify the Joes, except to say that their coming must be counted as one way to get a cat.

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Parents form close relationships with children of all ages in two basic ways by providing sensitive, responsive care that meets the child’s individual needs and by becoming an interactive social partner. Sensitive care and forming a social partnership take many forms, depending on the age and unique qualities of the child, as we discuss in subsequent travels. Haim Ginott wrote, Emotions are part of our genetic heritage. Fish swim, birds fly, and people feel. Feelings help to define who we are as distinct individuals so to feel close to people, we need to understand their feelings.

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