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Map of Pakistan Tourist on Insurance markets are also characterized by the principal-agent problem. In such a problem, a principal’s welfare depends on actions taken by the agent, but the principal can only imperfectly monitor the actions of the agent. The possibility that the agent may not take the action desired by the principal is raised by the fact that the agent’s utility function may differ from that of the principal. Applied to insurance, a health-insurance company would like physicians to minimize the costs of treatment, but physicians have an incentive to maximize their earnings (and minimize their chances of being sued for malpractice). Insurers can only imperfectly monitor whether physicians are over-prescribing care or inducing demand. Patients may go along with an over-prescription of care because they, too, lack perfect information and they may derive some utility from the treatments. Managed-care organizations have attempted to solve the principal-agent problem by attempting to monitor or influence physician practices and by providing physicians with financial incentives to reduce costs. Map of Pakistan Tourist 2016.

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