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The very name one-parent family’ suggests that a household group with only one parent is less than complete. It is worth pointing out that there are many children growing up in one-parent households who have more sustained and caring contact with both parents than children in many so-called normal families. Many fathers have to be away from home for prolonged periods for work reasons: members of the armed forces, off-shore oil workers, international businessmen and long-distance lorry drivers for example. Others are forced into patterns of shift-working which mean that they are rarely at home when their children are about. One study of European businessmen shows very clearly that many fathers find that the pressure to stay late at work and to bring piles of papers home at the weekend is often at its greatest at the very stage in a man’s career when his children are growing and changing most lapidly. Driven by the satisfaction of his own achievements and his desire to do his best for his wife and family, it is easy for men with interesting and demanding jobs to lose contact with the day-to-day lives of their children. They fulfil only the more formal aspects

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