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Map of Osterbybruk for Since other roads can be frustratingly slow and heaving with freight traffic, the very reasonable tolls are well worth it over long distances, but be prepared for queues at exits at peak times. You're most likely to use the A4 Turin Venice motorway, which travels south of the lakes and skirts Milan to the north. Running north, the A8 and A9 head out from Milan to Varese and Lake Como respectively, while the A21 and A22 feed traffic south to Cremona and Mantua. Milan's ring road the Tangenziale is divided into the A50 Tangenziale Ovest (west, which also covers the southern part) and the A51 Tangenziale Est (the eastern part); the A4 comprises the northern stretch.

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Map Of Osterbybruk

Italian motorway driving is aggressive, with excessive speeds and tailgating all too common. The inside lane is often taken by large freight vehicles (part of Italy's severe pollution problem comes from the fact that so much commercial traffic uses the road rather than the rail system), while the outside lane frequently resembles a Formula One testing track. Your best bet is to drive within the speed limit, observe all the rules and be alert to juggernauts or Audis swinging out in front of you without any warning. Parking Parking can be a problem. On the lakes, most towns and villages have pay-and-display areas just outside the centre, but these can get very full during high season. Map of Osterbybruk 2016.

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Barnav¥rdscentral –sterbybruks v¥rdcentral, –sterbybruk – V¥

Stockholm to –sterbybruk by train, bus, line 823 bus, car Rome2rio

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