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ipped in Anatolia from the very beginnings of man‚„s habitation in this region The town was taken over by the kings of Pergamum and later was incorporated into the kingdom of Galatia. At this time, Pessinus was the capital of the Galatian state. The town prospered because of the sanctuary. Pilgrims flocked into the sanctuary to pay homage to the goddess Cybel, bringing money into Pessinus. The town gradually grew in size and became very rich. When pagan religious practices were banned in this area by the Emperor Theodosius near the end of the 4th century, Pessinus started its decline and was gradually abandoned and let fall to ruins. The town reached its greatest period of renown when the Roman Senate, in 204 B.C., sent envoys to Pessinus to bring the cult statue of Cybele back to Rome. A temple was erected on the Palatine Hill to accomodate the statue, which was an unshaped stone, supposedly fallen from heaven. of Phrygian troops fought with the army of Xerxes in 480 B.C. Alexander the Great came through Ph

University of Oradea Map and Pictures

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Candy stores in Oradea – interactive map

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