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Map of Oleum on To do this, you have to buy a McDonald’s franchise. In order to qualify for a conventional franchise, you have to have $175,000 (not borrowed). Your total costs to open the restaurant, however, will be anywhere from $430,000 to $750,000, which goes to paying for the building, equipment, etc. Forty percent of this cost has to be from your own (non-borrowed) funds. You’ll pay an initial franchise fee of $45,000 directly to McDonald’s. The other costs go to suppliers, so this is the only upfront fee you pay to McDonald’s. Then, you’ll go through a rigorous nine-month training period where you’ll learn about the McDonald’s way of doing thingsthings like their standards for quality, service, value, formulas and specifications for menu items, their method of operation, and inventory control techniques. Map of Oleum 2016.

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