Map of Olazagutia

Panoramio – Photo of Plaza y kiosco de la mºsica en Olazagutia …

Map of Olazagutia Photo Gallery


Wikiloc – Photo of 159 Km Bolibar-Pto Azaceta-Iturrieta-Pto Urbasa …

The problems of making sense of the past, trying to come to terms with the failure of a marriage, may also involve a re-evaluation of other areas of our lives. The writer A. Alvarez describes his feelings shortly after separation:

I felt ashamed. Not taken aback, not angry, not socially embarrassed – I left that to my parents, although they never complained – simply ashamed at such undeniable, comprehensive failure. Until then I thought I could do anything if I tried … And because I had a small gift in one area and competence in several, I assumed everything would be forgiven and forgotten. Now I discovered that my account had been scrupulously kept and I had to pay the whole score: the evasions, the sleights of mind and tricks of style, the white lies, missed appointments, unanswered letters. All of them had been called in by this marriage. Failure in that cancelled out the successes elsewhere and revived failures I thought I had forgotten or hadn’t even recognized. Every last one of them.12

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