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Map of Oberpullendorf on JOSEPH GERINGER SYED B. HUSSAIN, PH.D. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, OSHKOSH France IN EXAMINING THE history of capitalism in France, it is worth looking at the subject chronologically, while addressing certain common themes that are pertinent to the French case across time. Such themes, which relate more broadly to debates on capitalism, include the role of the state in capitalist development, the social costs and gains of capitalism, the role of empires in the development of European capitalism, and the connection between the capitalist economy and the modern nation state. Before the Revolution. In etymological terms, France was the origin of capitalism, even if its economy was rather less developed in a modern, capitalist sense than that of England and Holland in the 18th century, when the term capitaliste begins to be applied by French writers to that class of the rising bourgeoisie who preferred to invest spare capital in risk-based trading and industrial ventures, rather than in the traditional solidity of land that was preferred by the French aristocracy. Map of Oberpullendorf 2016.

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