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Also like humans, dogs have ear-wax problems, but since a certain amount of wax normally should be present, very frequent cleaning is not advised.

In certain breeds, especially French poodle and Kerry blue terrier, hair normally grows in the ear canal. When this hair is plucked, antiseptic powder or oil should be put into the ear to prevent infection.


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When babies who received the experimental care were at a corrected age of two weeks, they had better neurobehavioral functioning and increased coherence between frontal and other brain regions than control babies, and when corrected age was nine months, experimental babies development was significantly advanced. They scored in the rd percentile for overall development when control babies scored at the th. Parents of babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units also benefitted from special psychological help to prevent the traumatization that can occur when parents view the medical interventions, pain, and discomfort babies endure. A one-time intervention with mothers whose babies were in intensive care focused on identifying mothers sources of stress, explaining the emotional upheavals that parents experience, identifying supports mothers can draw on, and offering ongoing assistance as needed during hospitalization. At discharge, percent of mothers in the intervention groups showed clinically significant signs of psychological trauma compared to percent of control group mothers who had access to chaplains visits and could request psychological help if they wished it.

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