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Map of Novegro di Segrate on Perhaps the most widely used technique created by Heckman is the twostage procedure dubbed the Heckit. In the example given above, the first stage would consist of estimating the probability that an individual works as a function of age and other variables using a sample that includes both people who work and those who do not work. In the second stage, one would estimate wages as a function of age and a function of the estimated probability that the individual works that was calculated in the first stage, using the sample of workers. In essence, the coefficient on age in the naive regression of wages on age suffered from omitted variable bias; Heckman’s solution is to add a variable reflecting the probability that the observation appears in the sample. Heckman has applied these methods to program evaluation, in which one must estimate how government programs have affected individuals when one does not know how the participants would have fared if they had not been enrolled in the program. His techniques have also been widely applied in the study of education, choice of occupation, and job training. His research also spans the econometrics of duration models, with a particular emphasis on the unobserved heterogeneity that causes some people to spend more time unemployed than others. Map of Novegro di Segrate 2016.

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