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Map of Nova Veneza on UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, OSHKOSH Hobson, John Atkinson (18581940) ECONOMIST AND JOURNALIST, the author of more than 40 books, principally on economic and social questions, John Hobson stands in the ranks of British economists of the early 20th century second only to J.M. KEYNES, upon whom he had an important influence. His contemporary reputation, however, rests mainly upon his status as one of the earliest and most significant theorists of IMPERIALISM as a political phenomenon. Born in Derby in northern England, the son of a provincial newspaper proprietor, Hobson was educated at Oxford University and worked as a schoolteacher and university extension lecturer. His conventional political views were transformed firstly by his exposure to the works of John Ruskin and Herbert Spencer, and subsequently by his membership of the moderate socialist Fabian Society. His involvement in Fabianism led him to the systematic study of political economy, and in 1889 he published his first major work, The Physiology of Industry, with A. Map of Nova Veneza 2016.

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