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Gas discovery near Norne


Even divorced fathers who are strongly committed to maintaining a lasting relationship with their children and who are actively encouraged to do so by their ex-wives find that they are affected in ways they had not expected and that the pain of not being available to be a proper’ father is almost more than they can bear. Children take for granted that their parents are both constantly at hand to answer questions, provide food and clothing, settle arguments, kiss it better’, mend toys or lay down the law, so that parents who are not immediately available, for whatever reason, often feel very guilty. Keith, one of the divorced fathers we spoke to for the radio programmes, had become increasingly aware that although he saw his son Scott regularly they were not as close as when they had lived together. He related how, one Saturday when he went to see Scott, he found that the chain had come off Scott’s bicycle earlier in the week and he was full of remorse that Scott had not been able to use his bike for several days simply because his father had not been around to mend it. He described his attempts to compensate for not being a proper’ father:

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