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including wolf, fox, lynx, otter and beaver. There are also game birds, grouse being the most abundant. FLORA The beautiful forests of Norway are mainly spruce, fir and pine trees. Birch trees are everywhere. The vegetation of the valleys of southern Norway is very beautiful. Wild berries are plentiful and flowers are profuse in the gorgeous spring season. FOOD Breakfast is a large meal with a cold buffet. Fish is served in great variety. Dinner is apt to be at 4:30. Tea and sandwiches at 9:00 p.m. Tourists don’t have to eat at these hours, however. Good a la carte meals are available at all times. Travel To Aust Agder, Holiday in Aust Agder, Aust Agder Travel, , Aust Agder Guide, Aust Agder City, Aust Agder Photos, Aust Agder Pictures, Map Of Aust Agder, Aust Agder Maps, Aust Agder Google Map, Aust Agder Hotels. Travel To Aust Agder – Aust Agder Travel Guide Google Map Travel To Aust Agder – Aust Agder Travel Guide Photos 12557,12558,12559,12560,12561,12562,12563,12564,12565,12566,12567,12568 Vest Agder 201

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