Map Of Nima

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Map Of Nima

has 207,-000, 000 inhabitants. PAA passengers connect with Russian airlines at Helsinki, Berlin or Vienna, and Intourist, Russian travel agency, the only practical way to go, offers tours of 5 to 23 days.

(The exchange rate of 4 rubles to the dollar makes prices exorbitant otherwise. ) U.S. citizens need a passport and visa requiring 3 photos, biographical sketch, M<> cost of tour. All is refunded if visa is not granted; 90 per cent if you cancel.

Groups of 4 or less must travel de luxe at $30 per day including hotels and meals, plus half-day sightseeing by car with interpreter-guide. Superior class for larger groups is $21. The food is satisfactory but lacks variety.

Meats, including.

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