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This is usually seen in middle-aged and older dogs. It is an inflammation of the joints and muscles similar to arthritis. On cold and damp days dogs tend to show more signs of the affliction; so warm, dry living quarters are prescribed for preventing repeated attacks. Heat and aspirin are also helpful.


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KC benefits not only premature infants but also the whole family after they leave the hospital. Skin-to-skin contact between mother and infant for at least an hour a day for a period of two weeks increased families interaction patterns when infants were three months of age. KC was related to increases in mothers sensitivity to their infants and in their ability to adjust their stimulation to the babies needs and to increases in affectionate touching between parents and between parents and child. At three months of age, infants were less irritable than infants in a control group who did not receive KC, and there was greater reciprocity in the relationships between parent and child. It is thought that the physical contact helped the mother understand the baby’s needs better and enabled her to give more sensitive care; as a result she felt more confident and positive toward both the baby and her husband.

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