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Map of Neu-Anif on In the aftermath of WORLD WAR II, along with France’s crushing defeat in 1940 and the failure of collaboration, it was clear that new economic and political priorities would be set in 1945. In the economic sphere, Charles DE GAULLE’s natural distaste for capitalism was shown in the NATIONALIZATION of key industries such as coal, banking, and leading manufacturers such as Renault cars, and a new mood emerged in which, as Price notes, It had become necessary for the state to assume control of the levers of command’ and direct investment not simply into reconstruction, but additionally into a program of social and economic modernization impelled by a now widely shared perception of France as a backward, archaic society. The Fourth Republic inaugurated a period of great economic growth, with the period 194575 known as the trente glorieuses, in which technocratic state planning, backed initially by the MARSHALL PLAN, redeveloped the French economy, placing a great emphasis on new technologies and on the production of consumer goods for an increasingly affluent society. French prosperity became increasingly linked to that of its neighbors through the European Economic Community, and as France decolonized, much greater emphasis was placed on trade with immediate European neighbors than had been the case earlier in the century. While French growth outpaced most of its European rivals, it was also clear that the new technocratic model, which was little more than the old state-private compromise of the railways in a new guise, did not address some of the principal structural weaknesses in the French economy. In particular, unemployment has been stubbornly high in France since the 1980s and the French economic system remains one in which the benefits of growth are concentrated in particular areas, while other regions (such as the north) are in long-term decline. A progressive system of taxation removes some inequities, but there is a sense that the postwar French state and economy have nevertheless concentrated benefits and growth on the middle and upper classes. Map of Neu-Anif 2016.

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