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Map of Netherlands Tourist on Kantorovich held a professorship in the same institution between 194460. In 1960, he left his academic chair to become director of mathematical economic methods at the prestigious, newly formed Siberian Division of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1965, and the Order of Lenin in 1967. In 1971, he was appointed laboratory head within the Institute of National Economic Management, in Moscow. In 1938, while a lecturer at Leningrad State University, Kantorovich consulted in applied mathematics for the Plywood Trust’s laboratory. Responding to challenges in raw materials deliveries, Kantorovich demonstrated that many problems of economic allocation could be understood as maximizing a function subject to constraints, maximizing linear functions on a convex polygon. This work was published as The Mathematical Method of Production Planning and Organization, the following year. Map of Netherlands Tourist 2016.

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