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Map of Neptune Beach on S. standards are pervasive, including English spoken by all air-traffic controllers around the world, international internet protocols, securities laws and practices, and drug regulation, and most nations scorn the United States’ refusal or inability to move to the metric system. It also appears many world leaders are repulsed by American capital punishment and the prevalence and hallowedness of gun ownership. Interdependence and technology have clearly increased the speed and pervasiveness of both real and virtual viruses. Historians point out that it took 3,000 years for smallpox to reach every continent on the globe, while AIDS has only taken three decades. Various strains of the flu from across the oceans inspire the necessary flu shots every fall. Virus protection is also part of the clear growth industry of computer software, largely because it only took three days for the Filipino Love Bug to affect major computer systems all over the world. Map of Neptune Beach 2016.

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