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Unlike humans, dogs don’t need extra salt in the summer. They usually get enough salt from the commercial dog foods and table scraps.

In hot weather the dog should have free access to cool, clean water at all times. Allow him to drink as much as he wants unless he is overheated, and then he will tend to drink too much and become nauseated.

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These stages differ from most in that a parent can be in more than one stage at a time with children of different ages. Travel Becoming Parents The six stages, with their timing and tasks are: Image-making, during pregnancy and sometimes later in anticipation of children’s growth, parents anticipate what baby will be like, how they will respond, prepare for changes in themselves and their lives Nurturing, birth to about eighteen months, parents focus on caregiving and meeting children’s physical and emotional needs, balancing babies needs with theirs and setting priorities Authority, eighteen months to about four, parents set rules and structure for children’s lives and help children learn to accommodate to them Interpretive, four to adolescence, parents teach children about life, instilling values and morals interpreting experiences outside the home with other adults and children Interdependent, adolescence, parents share power with their increasingly independent children Departure, children leave home for college or work, parents evaluate their effectiveness as parents, where they have succeeded and where they might have acted differently We have discussed the image-making stage in this travel and will discuss the other stages in greater detail in later travels. SUPPORT FOR PARENTS Various kinds of support can help parents adjust to parenting. When parents successfully meet the demands of their new roles, they feel competent and effective. These feelings of self-efficacy can continue, influencing ongoing parenting in beneficial ways.

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