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Map of Nanqiao for Four vertical lines of saints climb each pilaster on the facade. At top centre is a figure of the resurrected Christ, while occupying small roundels on either side of the main door, below an elegant row of pointed niches, are depictions of Adam (on one side) and Eve (on the other). The most surprising figures flank the main door: on the left is the Roman author Pliny the Elder, on the right his adoptive son Pliny the Younger both of them pagans. Associating non-Christians with a house of God would have been unthinkable in 1396, when work on the facade began; yet by the 1480s, when Giovanni Rodari carved these statues and by 1498, when his sons Tommaso and Jacopo designed their settings on this wall Christian Renaissance humanists were drawing huge influence from such classical luminaries as the Plinys. The fact that both were also born in Como seems to have secured their inclusion here as honorary saints.

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Map Of Nanqiao

The presence of Pliny Junior remains particularly questionable; his connection with Christianity extended little beyond torturing two deaconesses to better understand what he termed this depraved superstition. Round the corner, the Duomo's north door, designed by the Rodaris in 1507, is known as the Door of the Frog, for the frog which is carved coincidentally, alongside the words Sanctus Paulus into the left-hand side of the portal. Centuries of curious fingers have rubbed the little beast smooth. COMO'S NEW WATERFRONT At the time of writing, work was continuing on renovations of Como's cramped waterfront. Map of Nanqiao 2016.

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