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Map of Nagoya Tourist on Rhee, though, was able to use his power to win re-election in 1956 and again in 1960. In 1960, however, Rhee was forced to resign amid numerous protests and allegations, proven true, of widespread election malfeasance. After Rhee’s resignation, power was transferred to the office of Prime Minister Chang Myon. Though the Chang regime initiated numerous efforts at reform, the economy still lagged. Chang was unable to stabilize 464 Korea, South South Korea’s political arena and to form a majority of support for his regime. In 1961, and before a complete program of reforms could be launched, a coup was staged by military elements within the government. Park Chung Hee and his military junta dissolved the National Assembly, banned political activity, imposed martial law, and governed by decree until 1963, at which time he was elected president. Map of Nagoya Tourist 2016.

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