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This, I think, depends entirely on the child. Theoretically, all children should have travel with cats. Actually, some children are too rough to have any small animal, and mauling a kitten to death won’t change the child’s nature. I wouldn’t go and buy a kitten for a very small child; and yet I was given a kitten when I was about a year old, and Snowball and I were devoted friends. I have since been told that Snowball was unattractive, grubby, and unfriendly to grownups a typical child’s cat.

I think the time to give a child a cat is when the child asks for a cat, or brings in a cat of its own choosing and shows a wish to keep it. I know a little boy who is going to get a kitten almost any minute. Six months ago I’d have skinned his parents if they had suggested a kitten for Rickey. He was a savage then, and the more he loved the rougher he was. Rickey is three now and his passions are mellowing into tenderness.

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Map of Murga

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