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Children can also express their anxiety by being unusually, even unnaturally, well-behaved and cooperative, believing that their virtue and self-discipline will ward off their worst fears. Such anxieties about separation often persist into adult life. For me the only obvious legacy of my mother’s death when I was eight is a crippling sense of panic whenever someone I care about does not telephone or arrive if I am definitely expecting them. As the hours slip by, I keep myself going by obsessively acting normally, convinced that steady application to my evening’s work, or a pile of ironing or – most impossible of all – going to sleep as usual will restore them safe and sound! My friends have learnt to pander to my anxieties with telephone calls, however inconvenient, if they are delayed; in the same way, children need to be reassured and offered daily confirmation that, although their remaining parent has to leave them from time to time they will always return when expected. Parents who have difficulty in persuading their children to go off with their non-custodial parent on an access visit sometimes find that such anxieties are at the root of their children’s reluctance to leave their usual, familiar surroundings. When the custodial parent is still angry with and distrustful of their former partner, it is easy to seize on any excuse to put off the meeting, but it is worth trying to find some compromise. Perhaps the non-custodial partner could stay at home with the child while the other parent goes out, or could arrange to meet them at a friend’s or grandparent’s until the child feels more confident about leaving home?

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