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Map of Moudjeria on Fifth, the person who consumes health-care goods and services often pays little of the total price. Some of these characteristics are also found in other markets, but health-care markets are special in exhibiting so many potential market failures. The complications inherent in markets in which patients consume medical goods and services on the advice of their doctors, with the bill paid by an insurer or the government, has led one commentator to ask how well would restaurants work if one person ordered the meal, a second prepared it, a third ate it, and a fourth person paid for it. Externalities abound in markets for health care. For example, when a person receives an influenza vaccine, everyone in that person’s community enjoys a positive externality, because the spread of the flu has been hindered; every person’s risk of contracting the flu has fallen thanks to the inoculation of one individual. The socially optimal quantity of vaccines has been provided when the marginal social costs of the vaccine equal the marginal social benefits. Market failure occurs because when individuals decide whether to get vaccinated, they take into account only their marginal private benefits; they do not tend to take into account any benefits to others. Map of Moudjeria 2016.

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