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Perhaps the preceding pages seem so idealistic, so far from reality, that you are tempted to drop this book into the nearest wastepaper basket. Your husband or wife may have disappeared suddenly and without trace, and your children have no contact with him or her. Or you may be locked in lengthy legal disputes over custody, which have passed beyond your control and are now managed by solicitors, court officials or social workers. Or again, you may be finding it impossible to sit down and talk calmly with your ex-partner about the most pressing problems – about money, housing and the children, the very issues which have been most likely to provoke conflict throughout your married life. In some areas, there is now a conciliation service available to separating couples (see Appendix 1). Parents are given the opportunity of discussing the outstanding problems about their children with a neutral third party who understands both the legal background and the kinds of feelings and anxieties which are common at this time. Marriage Guidance counsellors are also prepared to help couples to talk about their children together, even if they have already decided to split up (see Appendix 1). Details of a variety of divorce experience courses are also included in Appendix 1. Other couples may prefer to find a trusted friend to whom they can both talk about their children’s future.

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