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Map of Mongoumba for Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri Naquane, Capo di Ponte Tues Sun 8.30am 1.30pm 6 ticket grants free entry to MUPRE (valid for 30 days) T036 442 140, Wparcoincisioni.capodiponte.beniculturali. It The Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri, covering an area of over 140, 000 square metres in the Naquane district near Capo di Ponte, is a lovely spot to spend a few hours strolling the park's wooden walkways shaded by chestnut, fir and beech trees. The park is home to 104 engraved rocks, mostly dating back from the Neolithic (5000 BC) to the Iron Age (1000 BC). Rock 50, with panoramic views of the valley, depicts praying figures, warriors, footprints and buildings, while rock 99 also features a Latin inscription, indicating that rock art continued after the Roman occupation of the valley.

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Map Of Mongoumba

HIKING AND BIKING HIKING THE VIA VALERIANA The ancient trading route between the plains of Lombardy and the Val Camonica and the Alps, the Via Valeriana is a 24km hike from Pilzone d'Iseo to Pisogne. Map of Mongoumba 2016.

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