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Map of Mirina for com; MSan Babila; map p.63. A smart department store with food, fashion and design to suit all tastes. Gio Moretti Via della Spiga 4; MmontenapoleoneSan Babila; map p.63. Sleek shop selling mainstream designer clothing by Jil Sander, John Paul Gaultier and DKNY among others. La Rinascente Piazza Duomo 14; MDuomo; map p. Map of Mirina 2016.

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Parents childhood experiences provide models of ways people relate to each other are not, if negative, unchangeable Media provide current information in areas of interest to parents raise issues and spark debates that make parents think The history of parent–child relationships over the centuries reveals that parenting over centuries has shown a general continuity with parenting today continuity is shaped by two factors: parents goal to help children survive and flourish and children’s needs Science has helped us understand the complex relationship between genetic, neurophysiological, psychological, and social factors in children’s development parents actions and their effects on children’s development and the fact that there is no one way to rear children given the individual’s unique makeup Theories emphasizing the role of external influences on development view parents as providers of a secure emotional base for exploration and learning models of behavior that children copy dispensers of positive and negative rewards that encourage learning partners in social interactions that stimulate growth and knowledgeable guides who provide experiences that help children achieve their maximum potential transmitters of culture. Theories emphasizing the role of internal influences on development view parents as providing emotional support and guidance so children learn to satisfy natural impulses in socially acceptable way daily regime and environment that is compatible with genetic heritage stimulating environment and freedom for child’s active learning guiding children’s growth as a mentor Theories emphasizing both internal and external influences of development focus on all levels of experience from genes to internal drives to societal organization and historical time stress the ways the environment, and parents as part of the environment, support internal growth patterns. Parent identify many important people in children’s lives from immediate family to extended family to parents work colleagues to governmental officials identify many different kinds of external influences like agencies, communities, social climate and give parents active roles in helping children integrate all the influences impinging on them Researchers studying parent-child relationships in the laboratory as well as at home find authoritative parenting that includes nurturance and attention to children’s individuality and behavioral demands and limit-setting help children achieve social responsibility and competence authoritarian parenting that makes many demands of children but gives little support to achieve these demands is associated with unhappiness, inhibition, and distrust in children permissive parenting that allows children freedom of impulse expression but does not teach or support self-control and self-regulation is associated with immaturity and dependence in children positive and negative cycles of parent-child interactions are established early in life, depend on the qualities of both parents and children, and require the actions of both partners to keep the processes going Parenting interventions relying on video-feedback of home behaviors have been successful in increasing children’s development because they focus on parents skills and existing competencies encourage parents sensitivity and responsiveness to children create a positive cycle of interactions between parent and child EXERCISES Which of the theories of children’s development seems most useful to you in understanding children’s growth and development and why? Choose a television parenting program Nanny, Supernanny, Dr. Phil and watch three episodes. Summarize what parents learn by watching.

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